Investment Advisors

Trust deed investments can provide a compelling alternative to traditional fixed income investments for investment advisor clients. As a trusted advisor you can offer your clients an investment opportunity not commonly available from others and one that differentiates you from your competition.

  • Trust deed investments offer:
  • Above average yields
  • Steady monthly or quarterly income
  • The security of loans backed by real estate (maximum 65% loan to value, often less)
  • Diversification
  • Returns uncorrelated to the stock market.

StoneTree will work with you to ensure your clients receive the exceptional service they expect. We provide any information you need to report to your clients and will work with you on terms that benefit you and your clients.

For individuals preferring to participate in a diversified portfolio of trust deed investments, the Stone Circle Mortgage Fund LLC, managed by StoneTree Financial, is available to accredited investors. The fund invests exclusively in trust deed investments in 1st and 2nd positions.

If you are interested in learning more about investment opportunities with StoneTree Financial, please contact Brad Sasser at 510.835.0960 ext. 1.