In any investment environment, but particularly in today's volatile financial markets, investors are seeking alternatives to the public markets. Trust deed investments offer a real alternative for investors seeking diversification and returns uncorrelated to equity markets. Investments in trust deeds are secured by real estate collateral and offer a steady income stream and impressive yields with moderate risk provided proper due diligence on the subject property has been preformed. Due diligence includes a broker opinion of value or independent appraisal, a site visit, comparable property sales analysis, financial review and other factors relevant to determining property value. The steady income generated by trust deeds can be a valuable tool in building investment portfolios.

StoneTree Financial offers the knowledge, experience and personal service to guide investors through each trust deed opportunity. Investors can participate in whole or fractional portions of an individual loan. Each investor receives a promissory note, a recorded deed of trust and a copy of the title insurance policy.

For individuals preferring to participate in a diversified portfolio of trust deed investments, the Stone Circle Mortgage Fund LLC, managed by StoneTree Financial, is available to accredited investors. The fund invests exclusively in trust deed investments in 1st and 2nd positions.

For investors:

  • Loan rates vary but generally yield 9-12% annually.
  • Loans represent no more than 65% of the appraised value of the real estate collateral at the time of the loan (often less).
  • Loans are generally in 1st position, but may also be in 2nd position.
  • StoneTree acts as servicing agent and passes interest payments to you as they are received.


To Learn More About Trust Deed Investments

The California Department of Real Estate offers many publications on topics of current interest to consumer and licensees. One such publication, Trust Deed Investments - What You Should Know!!, explains the basic steps and factors involved in trust deed investments. This thirty two page document and other helpful information is available at the California Department of Real Estate

To go directly to Trust Deed Investments - What You Should Know!!, click here to view as a pdf file.

If you are interested in learning more about investment opportunities with StoneTree Financial, please contact Brad Sasser at 510.835.0960 ext. 1.